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Case Coordination Services

Case coordination provides support to eligible persons by developing, linking, coordinating, and monitoring services, supports, and resources. The goals of case coordination are to:

  • Promote maximum independence and successful inclusion into community living for individuals
  • Maximize individuals' freedom of choice, control, integration, and individualization
  • Maintain accountability and continuity of services and supports to individuals and their families for as long as services are needed

Case coordination includes the following elements of service:

  1. Assessment - The ongoing determination of an individual's desired lifestyle, current and potential strengths, and resources through formal and informal evaluation
  2. Service Planning - The developmental and ongoing updating and monitoring of the Individual Service Program Plan, based upon assessment information, with the participation of the individual, their legal guardian or advocate, and other pertinent parties.
  3. Service Coordination - The facilitation of the provision of services outlined in the individual Services/Program Plan, and developing natural community support systems.
  4. Community Inclusion - The development of increased opportunities for community access and involvement, including, but not limited to, community living skills training, vocational, civic, and recreational services and crisis intervention services.
  5. Advocacy - The provision of activities with the individual and family for the purpose of gaining access to needed services and entitlements and modifying service systems to increase accessibility and appropriateness.

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