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About Nemaha County Training Center (NCTC)

Nemaha County Training Center was organized in 1975 and is a not-for-profit organization operating under a twelve member Governing Board.


NCTC provides vocational supports and meaningful day activities, residential services, and case coordination services to individuals affected by intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD). NCTC's service area encompasses all of Nemaha County. NCTC secures financing from various federal, state, and county sources, from its own production department, from private fees, and from fund raising and donations.

NCTC Mission & Values

Mission: “Assisting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in their quest for achieving informed lifestyle choices.”


The Nemaha County Training Center supports the fact that all people, regardless of disability, have a human right to fully enter into and become a part of a community of their choice. NCTC regards people with I/DD as having potential to grow and develop throughout their lifetime and at their own rate. NCTC recognizes that all people should be allowed the Dignity of Risk, which is to assume a reasonable degree of physical and emotional risk, consistent with their abilities. NCTC aims to provide the support that people with IDD need in order to become included in community life.


Nemaha County Training Center has facilities located in Seneca and Sabetha, Kansas.  NCTC also provides services throughout Nemaha County in vocational and residential settings as needed by the individuals served. 

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